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FS : Linhof Master Technika Classic 4×5 camera







Linhof Master Technika Classic, HK$ 19,500.

Linhof Master Technika Classic 4×5 camera body, in very good to excellent condition overall.
Mechanically working well, all movements are smooth and locking tight, ground glass is bright and bellows are light leak free.

Photos speak for themselves !

Just two minor issues I found :
(1) paint loss on the Spring-tensioned arms.
(2) dust inside viewfinder, but it’s bright and will not affect functions of the rangefinder.

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FS : Wista 45VX 4×5 Large Format Camera




一部 Wista 45VX 舊款, 平價大片幅入門, HK 6300。


注意, 這是VX的舊款,與新款不同, 前組沒有 Swing (可以後組代替)。

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FS : Hasselblad CFE IF 40mm lens









Hasselblad Distagon T* CFE IF 40mm lens, HK$ 44,000.
一枝哈蘇特別注明專為 Digital Back 而設的 V 系鏡頭,
一枝號稱解析度達 200lp/mm 的數碼鏡頭。

這是我一手購自香港的原庄行貨, 但已經過保。
連原庄前後 Caps, Hood, Certificate, Manual 和鏡袋等等,全套齊料如新貨有的都有。
成色如新近 95% ,無花無毛,請參看大圖。
Specifications of the lens


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FS : WALKER TITAN SF 4×5 camera with 2 Bellows








WALKER TITAN SF 4×5 camera, HK$ 13,000.

A very clean and nice Walker Titan SF 4×5 folding camera for sale.
It also comes with a bag bellows, which is one of the nicest and most flexible for wideangle.
The body is made from injection moulded ABS and stainless steel, it is extremely rigid at any extension,
and weighs about 2.9 kg.
It is a combination of traditional field camera design with modern materials and manufacturing techniques.
As long as you keep the lens dry there is no problem photographing in rain or snow.
The Titan SF dares to go places and in conditions a wood camera would never consider.
It’s movements rival those of many monorail cameras with both base and axis front tilt, and a full range of other front and rear movements.
With these two bellows, you can use from 47mm wideangle to 450mm tele lens !
How Its Made :


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